Serving in Any Way that We Can

This beautiful couple is an example of two faithful people who love the Lord and who have hearts “full of charity towards all men”.

A few months ago, I rode my bike from campus to the station in south Provo to take the train up to Salt Lake City. I spent the day at Temple Square, touring the museums and enjoying the beautiful grounds.

In the evening, I took the train back down to Provo. It was dark outside by the time I returned. As I prepared to unlock my bike from the rack to head home, I suddenly noticed something strange. My front tire was gone.

Instantly I began trying to think of a solution. I could walk home, but that would take an hour. And if I did that, would I wheel my bike with me? Or would I leave it there? And then how would I get it back later?

After weighing my options for a few minutes, someone who could help came to mind: Teddy.

Teddy Hansen was a friend from my congregation back in Florida, and he was also a student at BYU. He was one of the kindest men I’d ever met, and I remembered that he had driven his SUV all the way from Florida to BYU (a drive he had vowed he would never make again). I figured he might be able to fit my bike in the back.

I texted him, “Hey are you busy right now?”

Within a minute, he responded, “Only working on homework and video-calling Vanessa [his wife, who at the time was his girlfriend]. What can I help you with?”

I told him my dilemma and he was there in ten minutes.

As we drove through the night towards campus with my half-bike in the trunk, I told Teddy, “Thanks so much for hanging up your video call to come get me.”

What he said next has been imprinted in my heart ever since.

“Not a problem, Cris. Vanessa loves service, and she was more than happy to let me go so that I could help you.”

This beautiful couple is an example of two faithful people who love the Lord and who have hearts “full of charity towards all men” (D&C 121:45). Indeed, they are so much like Christ and seek to emulate His life of service.

Speaking of Vanessa, Teddy has said, “She loves Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, she loves everyone, and she loves service.”

He continues, “The dynamic of our relationship… is very strong… We both love the Church and we both love serving in any way that we can” (Teddy & Vanessa’s Love Story, 4:05).

The Savior also continually sought opportunities to “succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees” (D&C 81:5). May we model our relationships and our lives after the example set by the Savior and by this beautiful couple.

As service becomes a part of our personalities, our hearts will be softened and our lives will be full of purpose and great joy!

Cristian Torres

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