The Master Pianist

The Savior’s cure is one-hundred-percent, and it’s permanent.

My friend David is an excellent pianist. Before he left for his mission over two years ago, he was assured that if he focused his efforts on spreading the gospel, opportunities on the piano would greet him afterwards. He accepted this counsel with humility and served an honorable mission.

Upon returning home a few months ago, David came to BYU. He registered for several music courses and jumped right back into his piano routine with the goal of practicing multiple hours a day.

However, as a result of this sudden rigorous training, David began to notice a pain in his arms when he played. As he practiced harder, the pain increased, and he came to a sobering realization: he would need to seek help.

After doing some research online, David learned that his pain was in fact an injury that, if left untreated, would continue to worsen. Various websites suggested temporary solutions like anti-inflammatories, massages, or even physical therapy. However, in spite of all these appealing options, David decided instead to completely retrain his piano technique: the only true long-term solution in which the cure was guaranteed to be one-hundred-percent, and permanent.

Retraining would take months of arduous practice. David would have to start over like a child, learning how to release all bodily tension and relax as he played. Even the movement of the joints in his thumbs and wrists would need to be relearned to free himself from the habits of the past. But he firmly believed that with retraining, the cure would indeed be one-hundred-percent, and permanent.

David later told me:

“In our lives, when we have pain, it’s because we need to change something. Repentance is the process by which we retrain the way we play our lives to live more like the Savior would.

“He is the master pianist. He is the only teacher who has seen every bad technique. But He, having perfect technique, is perfectly qualified to cure us… and the Savior’s cure is one-hundred-percent, and it’s permanent.”

Indeed, my friends, as David said, the Savior is the only true long-term solution to our personal pains and weaknesses. He can help us undo the past, overcome our sins, and find peace. To access His help, we must simply turn to Him, acknowledge our faults, and ask for His forgiveness. Then, with time and with demonstrated humility, we can truly be forgiven of our sins and be qualified to return to Him—and to our families—above. This is the glorious news of the gospel.

May we ever seek this Jesus Christ, “that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is” (Moroni 7:48): the master pianist, the merciful Redeemer, the Savior of the world.

Cristian Torres

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